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Unit 5: How do We "Apply" 

Intercultural Competencies to Materials?

Weeks 13-15


Review and watch videos on the Rogers Buffalo Project website and write 4 weekly reflective journal responses using the writing rubric below. Use the homework dropbox to submit your assignment. As part of this process, please write at least 2 posts summarizing what you learned and comment on at least one student post in the Discussion Forum titled "Weeks 13-15". Refer to the Module Grading Rubric for Discussion Forums if you need additional guidance.


Enter The Buffalo Project SUNY ESC webpage: 

  • Read 1 report from The Buffalo Project 1.0 - 3.0

  • Watch 1 Deliberative Conversation

  • Watch 1 Buffalo Project 1.0 - 3.0 presentation 

  • Watch 1 Cultural Diversity presentation

*Final Project (presentation, mock training, or policy brief). Please indicate which format you would like to use and Dr. Rogers will send you the guidelines. (Due week 15).

Presentation = a descriptive PowerPoint presentation on a topic from the course

Mock Training = a targeted training about a particular subject covered in the course

Policy Brief = a policy paper following these guidelines


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