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The Buffalo Project Survey: Collecting Data for Cross-Cultural Understanding


What is the Buffalo Project?

The Buffalo Project is a longitudinal participatory action research project focused on the use of cultural data as the baseline for programmatic development and implementation. For ten years (AY 2010-2020), Buffalo Project data has been analyzed to discuss students’ perceptions of culture and its impacts on the learning process.

Generally speaking, The Buffalo Project data indicated a general lack of cultural understanding among diverse student populations (i.e., across genders, race, ethnicity, settlement/location, class, economic, and technological divides), illustrating that students were not being adequately taught the importance of intercultural competencies and cross-cultural communication.

As a way to address these issues, beginning in 2010, Principal Investigator (PI) Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers, co-PIs, colleagues, and research associates have worked with community stakeholders and WNY data to engage in a participatory action research study of perceptions of culture in the region, coined “The Buffalo Project.”

You have a voice.

We continue to collect data to promote cross-cultural understanding through inclusive educational programming. Let your voice be heard by clicking below and taking the survey.

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